South Sudan
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Travel Tips


Flying into Juba you need before boarding the aircraft to Juba:

A. A visa obtained from a South Sudan Embassy at the country of your residence*. See below South Sudan Embassies. Each Embassy has different requirements for the visa. You will need your valid passport (good for at least 6 months more), 2 passport photos and $100 usd. Some Embassies are also asking for an introduction letter from us and proof of your yellow fever innoculation. If you need an introduction letter please advise us and we will scan it to you. We will need a scan of the photo page of your passport and the city of the Embassy you will apply to, in order to write the introduction letter. Call the embassy for their requirements before visiting them. *For example a person living in Mexico can not get a visa from the the South Sudan Embassy in the USA.


B. If your country of resident does not have an embassy then, you obtain an Entry Permit from the Ministry of Immigration in Juba, that allows you to board the aircraft flying to Juba. You then obtain your actual visa upon arrival at the Juba International Airport for $100 usd (they only accept new, unmarked usd currency for this) and your valid passport. We can obtain the Entry Permit from the Ministry of Immigration for you. You must scan to us the photo page of your passport (good for at least 6 months more) and with a seperate scan of 2 passport photos (please keep the resolution of the scans at no more than 3MB or 3000KB, in color and send the scans in jpeg format). We then take this to the Ministry of Immigration in Juba, apply for the Entry Permit, go to the airport for clearence, go back to Immigration downtown and then come back a few days later to pick up the letter(s) and then scan you the Entry Permit. The Ministry of Immigration charges $42 usd for this Entry Permit. We charge for this service $200 usd for 1 person, $225 usd for 2 people, $250 usd for 3 people, etc., adding $25 usd additional for each person in the group. So you end up paying $42 usd for the Entry Permit, a fee to us and then upon arrival another $100 usd for the visa. If at all possible get the visa from an embassy near you.

We obtain and scan to you the Entry Permit 30 days before your departure, because the Entry Permit must be used within 30 days of issue.

Without the Entry Permit or a Visa, the airline flying you to Juba, is required to deny you boarding the aircraft.



Brussels, Belgium and the European Union phone-+32-22802355.

London, United Kingdom 

Oslo, Norway  

Berlin, Germany email: phone +49-(0)1603113373, address: Leipziger Platz 8 

Paris, France: email -

Moscow, Russia phone - +7-499-238-0667 or 238-2658, 1st Khvostov Lane 12, Moscow, 

Geneva, Switzerland phones- +41-798871903 or 762857231

Italy: an ambassador has been named, address of embassy TBA


Washington DC USA 

Ottawa, Canada 


Beijing, China 

New Delhi, India 


Ankara, Turkey

Israel: For visas contact Mr Benjamin Aban Raphael +97-2528177745 or Mr Edot +97-2548838649 - address : 41 Hasadot Kfar Shmariahu


Accra, Ghana

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 

Nairobi, Kenya

Cairo, Egypt 

Pretoria, South Africa

Kampala, Uganda

Asmara, Erither

Khartoum, Sudan

Abuja, Nigeria

Kinshasa, Congo DR phone 243-814173363, email:

Harare, Zimbabwe phone 263-42915639, email:

Many embassies do not have web sites as of yet. For some of the embassies, their addresses, phone numbers and emails see



You need proof of this vaccination in the form of the small yellow booklet titled "International Certificate of Vaccination as approved by the World Health Organization". They may or may not ask you for this upon arrival at Juba, but they can refuse you entry if you do not have the booklet. Plus it is an excellent idea to have this vaccination when travelling anywhere in tropical africa.


The cost of this is included in your safari package and we pay the government $50 usd for this.The cost of our making at least two trips to the Ministry of Information, to obtain the permit, is also included in your package price. We require you to scan to us, the photo page of your passport and 2 passport size photos - in color, low resolution (no more than 3MB or 3000KB), jpeg to obtain this permit. We then scan you the permit. Do not photograph anything of a military nature, do not photograph public places. This is due to the tensions with the Khartoum government and the rebels in the northern states. You can get arrested for photographing the military. Let your guide ask people, first before you photograph them.