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South Sudan
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Kapoeta, South Sudan

The town lies on the east bank of the Singaita River. The post at Kapoeta was established by Captain Knollys, who reached the river in January 1927. This location lies approximately 275 kilometers (171 mi), by road, east of Juba, the capital of South Sudan, and the largest city in that country. The town sits at an elevation of 677 meters (2,221 ft) above sea level.

The main road from Lokichogio, Kenya to the capital city of Juba, South Sudan, runs through Kapoeta. The town is also served by Kapoeta Airport, which in 2011, was little more than a dirt strip.

Kapoeta town sits in a land dominated by the Toposa and Jie ethnic groups. The Didinga also live in the area, but they are farmers and tend to inhabit the fertile, wetter hills, whereas the cattle-centric Toposa people dominate the plains.

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