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Lontoto National Park

Yei, South Sudan

Bahr El Jebel Safaris does not operate in this park yet. Rebel activity in the park hunting for meat for their fighters and poaching for ivory has stopped us. Hopefully, this situation will change, because the park is a one-day drive from Juba, which is logistically easy for tourists.

The park is 760 square kilometers (290 square miles) and lies up against the border with DR Congo. The nearest large town is Yambio. Lontoto Park and Garamba National Park of DR Congo are separated only by the international border.

The park boundaries have not been demarcated. The plant life is a combination of woodland, forest, and open grassland.

No survey of the wildlife has been made of Lontoto Park. Directly across the unmarked border with DR Congo in Garamba National Park, there are - elephants (estimated 2000 in number), Nile buffalo, Hippo, Uganda Kob, Roan antelope, and Giraffe. The park was also the location of the last population of Northern White Rhino (now extinct).

Garamba National Park in DR Congo is an extension of Lontoto National Park in South Sudan. Only an unmarked international border separates the two parks.

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