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Top 10 Places To Visit In Sudan

Juba, South Sudan

Following are the best 10 places to visit in Sudan, which will make your trip memorable::

1. The Nubian Pyramids

By the word pyramids, the images that come up to mind are the great massive structures of Egypt. Built 800 or so years later after Egypt with the same kind of expertise the pyramids of Meroe in the Nubian desert in Sudan are little known. These pyramids are much smaller in size, brick-built too. These were built during the local Kushite kingdom. Though not massive in size a tourist can receive a visual jolt when he or she witnesses such amazing structures in the desert over a certain region.

2. The Red Sea

The parting of the Red Sea in the Bible is known by almost everybody in this planet. So all tourists pay a visit to this magnificent blue-green water body in Sudan. The coral riffs have added extra shade to the beauty of the Red Sea. There are good arrangements here in this place so that a tourist can stay and enjoy. There is an arrangement for diving and enjoy the beauty of coral riff underwater also

3. Kassala

Kassala is a market town in the east of Sudan, near the border with Eritrea. It’s not as commonly visited as the towns and archaeological sites along the Nile, but if you have the time and enjoy traveling off the beaten path it’s worth the 7-hour bus journey from Khartoum. Kassala is known for its ethnic blend as tribes from near and far come to trade at the market, and for its dramatic location at the base of the distinctive Taka Mountains.

4. Kerma

Another great ancient relic left on the meanders of the Nile River from the civilizations of old, Kerma promises to be an experience like no other in the country. At its center rises the soaring and mighty Western Deffufa – one of the largest and oldest adobe worshipping houses on the planet! And once you’re done getting over the sheer awesomeness of that centerpiece, you can move to tour the seemingly endless array of ruins that surround it (one of the largest in all of North African, in fact).

5. The Ruins of Musawwarat es-Sufra

Situated 180 km from the city of Khartoum these amazing and enigmatic ruins in the middle of the desert can be dated back to the 3rd century BC. There are varied opinions among historians and archeologists about the exact purpose of these ruins. Suggestions have come in form of pilgrimage spots, medical centers, educational institutions as well as a training centers for elephants in ancient times.

6. Dinder National Park

No visit to an African nation is complete without a visit to a wildlife park. While staying in Khartoum you can visit Dinder National Park near the Ethiopian border. This place is one of the biggest game reserves in the continent. This national park is said to contain 27 different species of animals which include big predators also. There are many species of birds that include migratory birds too.

7. Sanganeb National Park

The first and only oceanic national park in all of Sudan, the Sanganeb National Park is made up of shallow reef habitats that showcase the sheer biodiversity of the Red Sea in all its glory. The protected area is adjoined directly to the jetties and harbors of Port Sudan, making it a very accessible place to visit.

8. Arkawit

Perched over 1,000 meters above the crashing waters of the Red Sea, the resort town of Arkawit is the perfect escape for travelers finding it hard to handle the soaring equatorial temperatures of the Sudanese coast. With the soothing breezes of the highlands at hand, visitors can take some time to kick back and relax in rustic guesthouses, enjoying the green-hued hills and rocky landscapes that abound around the area.

9. Jebel Marra

Rising in sinewy ridges atop the dusty plains of Darfur in the western reaches of Sudan, the Jebel Marra are perhaps the original African badlands. They are carved and chipped massifs of ancient volcanic stone that have been forged from eruption after eruption over the millennia. The most recent additions to the landscape are a colossal water-filled caldera known as the Deriba Crater, which is thought to have appeared following the pyroclastic flows of an explosion in 1,500 BC.

10. Jebel Barkal and Temple of Mut

Jebel Barkal is a small mountain popular for its great views and for sunset climbs (bring a light for the way down). At its base, there is a cemetery and ancient ruins of the Temple of Mut.

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