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Ten Day Tribal And Migration Safari Tour

Ten Day Tribal And Migration Safari Tour Packages
Country: South Sudan
City: Juba
Duration: 10 Day(s) - 9 Night(s)
Tour Category: Adventure Tours
Departure Date: Thu 01 Jan '99

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EURO 10,000 / Per Person

Package Itinerary

Animated Map showing the migration of Tiang, White-eared Kob, and Mongalla Gazella. The greatest migration of mammals on the earth.

Day 1 - Arrive on FlyDubai flight into Juba at 1445 from Dubai (Arrive into Dubai the night prior on Emirates Airlines).

After Customs and Immigration in Juba, drive directly to our camp among the Mundari people, which was set up the day before near Terakeka. About 1-hour drive. Picnic Lunch and cold drinks aboard the vehicle.

Day 2 - Drive to Torit

You are visiting the Lotuko people in the afternoon, after a drive from Terakeka. You pass back through Juba en route to Torit. Set up a Mobile camp for the night outside Torit.

Day 3 - Drive to Kapoeta in the Morning.

Visit Toposa and Jie villages in the afternoon. The camp will be set up within the mango camp compound. See the Toposa page for a photo of the Mango camp.

Day 4 - Kapoeta

Stay a second night in Kapoeta, at the same Mango camp, visiting various villages of the Toposa and Jie people throughout the day.

Day 5 - Kapoeta

Drive slowly from Kapoeta to halfway between Kapoeta and Boma National Park Headquarters, stopping at different Toposa, Jie, and Murle Villages, en route. Camp in a Murle village.

Day 6 - Boma National Park

Drive slowly to Boma National Park Headquarters, stopping at different Murle Villages en route. You will be within Boma National Park for most of this drive. Set up mobile a camp next to park headquarters.

Day 7 - Boma National Park

Stay in Boma Park searching for Wildlife within the park. Use the same mobile Camp, next to the park headquarter. The village of Mewun, a Suri/Kachipovillage will be visited.

Day 8 - Pibor

Drive slowly to Pibor, passing through Boma National Park, stopping at Murle and Nuer villages. You will be within Boma National Park for most of this drive. Mobile Camp is set up next to the Pibor River.

Day 9 - Bor

Drive from Pibor to Bor, stopping in Jiye, Nuer, and Dinka Villages and cattle camps. Camp in a Dinka village near Bor.

Day 10 - Departure

Drive direct to Juba Intl airport to arrive at least 2 hours before the departure on the Fly Dubai flight, departing at 1545 to Dubai with connections onward on Emirates Airlines.

Tiang Antelope in Boma National Park migrating.

Murle celebration at the town of Pibor, which the safari will pass through

Included In All Safaris:

All meals during the safari, while in our mobile camp.

All bottled water, sodas, beer(as long as it lasts), juices, coffee, tea, and ice during the safari, while in our mobile camp.

Individual tent with cot bed that has a mattress, sheets, and pillow (blankets or sleeping bags are not necessary).

Mobile enclosed showers, towels, and body & hair shower soap.

Mobile enclosed toilets.

All Park fees per day per person.

Camera permit and the costs to obtain the permit.

Introduction letter to get your visa.

Translators from the local tribal languages to English.

Drivers/guides that are knowledgeable about the wildlife and tribes

Full mobile kitchen with chef and helper.

Rechargeable Lanterns

4x4 vehicles from Juba airport to Juba airport. Most of the parks in South Sudan have no roads so we navigate by GPS when searching for wildlife.

Laundry as weather permits.

Armed Forest Rangers guides

Ice makers.

Shaded dining area with camp chairs, tables, and lanterns.

220 and 110 volt Power takes offs to charge camera batteries

Visits to tribal villages for photography and purchasing artifacts.

Game viewing (most game viewing will be from the 4x4 vehicles, however, there may be some short-distance walking to reach particular areas).

Not Included in All Safaris:

Airfare to Juba

South Sudan Visa

Entry letter to Board the aircraft to Juba

Any health expenses for illness or accident including malaria prevention, yellow fever inoculation, hospitalization, doctor consultations, and emergency evacuation costs. Check with your health insurance if you are covered while traveling, if not we recommend you obtain health insurance while you are in Southern Sudan.

Any costs for delays caused by airlines, weather, mud, political occurrences, or lost luggage. (such as extra charges for hotels, meals, taxis, and airline fees to change tickets)

Any costs for rescheduling.

Any costs for your arriving in Juba early or departing later, than the scheduled dates.

Hard liquor


Use of SAT phone charges in camp per minute

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